Aleria Restaurant
About Us



Aleria is ready to offer you a unique gastronomic experience in its beautiful indoors and outdoors areas. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, our guests and all members of our community.  We strictly comply with the Greek Government’s protocols regarding COVID-19 and we would like to reassure you that we follow all protective and hygiene measures in order to safeguard everyone’s health.

A certified disinfection procedure for COVID-19 has already taken place in the entire facility. Also, we make sure that at regular intervals throughout every evening of our operation all surfaces that might have been touched by our staff and/or our guests are being cleaned and disinfected properly, for example POS machines, our reusable menus, the doorknobs, the taps, the seats and tables etc. All members of Aleria Restaurant get constant guidance on matters of personal hygiene and protection from COVID-19 and each one gets his/her body temperature taken before we open our doors, as well as at the end of the evening.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide the most comfortable and safe environment for both our guests and our team.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.